About me:
My name is John. I am 26, and a New England native. I am currently a graduate student studying theology at Boston College. I also study voice privately- sacred music & singing is my passion. In addition to academia, ministry, and music, I enjoy fitness & sports. I’m a firm believer in the cura personalis— the “care for the whole person”.

The purpose of this blog-

Ite inflammate omnia (“Go forth, and set the world aflame.”) These words, spoken by the famous Catholic saint, St. Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Society of Jesus), to his close friend and fellow Jesuit, St. Francis Xavier, have always struck a deep chord within me. St. Ignatius spoke these words, not as a farewell or a throwaway, but as a command. He commanded his friend and fellow companion, Francis Xavier, to go to the Orient (modern day India) and “set the world aflame” with the love and knowledge of Christ. These words always spoke to my heart, because I believe that my life vocation is to make Christ known and loved by those whom I encounter in this ever-shrinking world. For me, this is done most specifically through writing, sacred music, and life’s daily actions.  I have always loved to write. Instagram used to be my vehicle of evangelization, however I discerned that captions could not contain the breadth of my thoughts.

I like to think. I like to pray. But most of all, I love to live. The experiences of daily life, our past memories, and our future aspirations would not be possible without the existence of the One who is outside of all time. But oftentimes, introspection is replaced by distraction. I certainly can relate to that!

As the world becomes noisier and busier, our minds & hearts become occupied with the fatigue, ennui- a “world weariness”. And yet, for most of us, we are called to live in & interact with this world- while simultaneously not losing our souls to it. This blog is meant to be an oasis for those seeking relief, as well as fuel for those who need to continue their journey. These posts are my scattered reflections- topics can be on life, spirituality, history, faith, politics, justice, and humanity- anything. The scope of this blog is not to be anything more than personal views shaped by my thoughts, feelings, and desires. This is essentially a journal, one that will touch upon my experience of humanity. As a Roman Catholic man, I am obviously shaped by my own faith tradition- however, I want this blog to be a doorway to discussion, dialogue, and reflection. So if you are Orthodox, Anglican, any denomination of Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, or none of the above- welcome. While you may disagree with some of the articles & posts I write, I welcome your presence to this blog; I hope that, even if there exists religious or philosophical disagreements, we can find neutral ground in our common humanity, and our striving to be “people of good will.” So welcome, peace, and blessings to you all.

May this journal be a resource for your own self-discovery, growth, and reflection. And in your charity, please pray for me.