Something to Remember

Wise Words from the Holy Father, Words Worth Remembering Today

“I beg the Lord to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor! It is vital that government leaders and financial leaders take heed and broaden their horizons, working to ensure that all citizens have dignified work, education and healthcare.
Why not turn to God and ask him to inspire their plans? I am firmly convinced that openness to the transcendent can bring about a new political and economic mindset which would help to break down the wall of separation between the economy and the common good of society.”
Pope Francis, “Evangelii Gaudium”, #205.

Powerful Words from the Holy Father

From our friend Gerard O’Connell at America Magazine:


“In a powerful speech to an international conference for peace in Cairo on April 28, Pope Francis pulled no punches as he called on Christian and Muslim religious leaders in Egypt and throughout the Middle East to join in building “a new civilization of peace” by declaring together “a firm and clear ‘no’ to every form of violence, vengeance and hatred carried out in the name of religion and in the name of God” and to “affirm the incompatibility of violence and faith, belief and hatred.”





“Choose the Child”

“If you must decide between me and the child, do not hesitate: Choose the child – I insist on it. Save the baby.”

Today is a very important feast day in the Church, the feast of St. Gianna Beretta Molla, patron saint of mothers, the unborn, and complications in pregnancy.

As a result of health complications, she chose dying in place of her newborn during labor instead of aborting her baby like the doctors urged her to. She was a doctor, a wife, a mother and the perfect example of who many women aspire to be, by the grace of God. St. Gianna, pray for us!


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